Salad Platters

$68.00 each (Serves 10)

Individual Cocktail Boxes

$8.50 each (Minimum order of 10 per variety)


Brown rice, roasted kumera, cumin, broccoli, feta, red wine vinaigrette (GF, V)^

Cous cous, chickpea, roasted vegetables, tahini and poppy seed dressing (V)

Rocket, roasted beetroot, caramelised pumpkin, feta, avocado, pine nuts balsamic vinaigrette (GF, V)^

Soba noodle, mushroom, tofu, pickled ginger, sesame omelette, miso dressing (GF, V)^

Poached coconut chicken, Asian slaw, crispy shallot, chilli dressing (GF)^

Sautéed chat potato, sour cream, seeded mustard, shallot, crispy sage (GF, V)^

Classic chicken caesar, cos lettuce, crispy bacon, shaved parmesan, garlic croutons, anchovy dressing

Crisp green beans, preserved lemon, toasted pistachio, Dijon vinaigrette (DF, GF, VE)^

Vine ripened tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil (GF, V)^

Crunchy kale, quinoa, walnut, avocado, apple, tahini yoghurt dressing (GF, DF, V)^

Roast chicken, avocado, rocket, peach, balsamic vinaigrette (GF, DF)^

King prawn, rocket, avocado, mango, lime vinaigrette (GF)^ $79.00* each

Smoked trout, green mango, mint, red onion, toasted cashew nut, lime dressing (GF)^ $79.00* each


$68.00 each

Lively spring green vegetables, toasted sesame, olive oil, lemon (DF, GF, VE)^

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, basil pesto (DF, GF, VE)^

Roasted baby potatoes, sea salt, garlic, rosemary (DF, GF, VE)^

Braised cos, leek, garlic, peas (DF, GF, VE)^ (served warm only)


All hot sides delivered cold and require heating

 ^Although all care is taken, trace amounts of gluten may exist

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