Canapé Menu

Cold Canapés


Freshly opened *(DF, GF)^ $4.00 each

Speck, Worcestershire, Tabasco $4.20

Shallot, red wine vinegar $4.20

Lemon, extra virgin olive oil, Nam jim $4.20

Cocktail Vietnamese rolls*

with soy dipping sauce

Tofu, cashew nut, fresh mint (DF, GF, VE)^ $3.90

Prawn, cucumber, coriander (DF, GF)^ $4.20

Chicken, cashew nut, chive (DF, GF)^ $4.20

Barbecued duck, hoisin, garlic chive (DF, GF)^ $4.20

Dainty Little Tea Sandwiches*


Poached chicken, toasted walnut, celery and basil mayonnaise

Prawn, watercress and dill mayonnaise

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, currant and chive

Rare roast beef, seeded mustard mayonnaise, semi dried tomato, rocket

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, currant, chive

Curried egg, mayonnaise, chive, watercress (V)

Herbed ricotta, roasted red pepper pesto, avocado, rocket (V)

Assorted Deluxe Sushi Platter*

Including vegetarian, white and brown rice, wasabi, ginger and soy (GF, DF)^ 48 piece $129.00 / 60 piece $149.00


Bean Burrito, mint, crème fraiche, sun dried tomato (V) $4.00

Chicken burrito, mint, crème fraiche, sun dried tomato $4.00


Smoked snowy river trout rillettes, croute, rosti, pickled spanish onion, capers (GFOA) $4.00

Smoked duck, croute, beetroot and balsamic jam (GFOA, DF) $4.20

Goats cheese, croute, roasted capsicum, red pepper jam, basil (GFOA, V) $3.95

Chicken liver parfait, croute, blood orange marmalade, thyme $3.95

Roulade of smoked salmon, crème fraiche, salmon pearls* $4.10

Gravlax salmon, dill mayonnaise, shortcrust tart $4.20

Tartlet of blue swimmer crab, curried mayonnaise, mango salsa $4.50

Fresh king prawn, lemon mayonnaise* (GF)^ $4.75

Peking duck crepe, cucumber, spring onion, hoisin* $4.20

Smoked trout on betel leaf, green mango salad, nam jim (DF, GF)^ $4.50

Prawn cocktail with crisp iceberg lettuce and spicy tomato cream in boat (GF)^ $6.90

Spicy chicken larb on witlof with toasted coconut and kaffir lime $4.00

Baby bocconcini, green olive and cherry tomato skewer with basil pesto* (GF, V)^ $4.00


Buffalo mozzarella, trussed cherry tomato, basil pistou (GF, V) $3.95

King fish crudo, ponzu, chive (DF) $4.50

Sesame seared tuna, pickled ginger, cucumber, coriander, soy (DF) $4.50

Fraser Island spanner crab with house pressed coconut cream, finger lime and chilli relish (GF, DF)^ $4.90

*Item is suitable for delivery (does not require a chef onsite)
GFOA – Gluten Free Option Available
^ May contain traces of gluten

Hot Canapés

Shiitake mushroom and leek spring rolls, soy and hoisin dipping sauce (DF, V) $4.15

BBQ pork and plum spring rolls, soy and hoisin dipping sauce (DF) $4.15

Spicy prawn har gow dumpling, malt vinegar, ginger, sesame dressing (DF) $4.15

Seared scallop on spoon, green mango salad, crushed cashew nut, lime dressing (DF, GF)^ $4.40

Crispy king prawn wonton, sweet chilli and ginger sauce (DF) $3.70

Corn and coriander fritter, avocado mash, crème fraiche, chilli jam (GF, V)^* $3.95

Mini beef burgers, onion jam, tomato relish, aioli on brioche bun $4.30

Pulled pork burger, Asian slaw on brioche bun $4.30

North African spiced lamb skewer, toasted almond aioli (GF)^* $4.30

Salt and pepper prawn, preserved lemon mayonnaise $4.15

Coconut king prawns, nam jim (DF) $4.40

Pork and water chestnut dim sim, chilli, soy (DF) $3.70

Thai chicken on sugarcane skewer (DF) $4.30

Truffled mushroom and parmesan arancini with aioli (GF, V)^* $3.90

Kale and onion pakora with yoghurt, coriander and citrus dipping sauce (GF,)^* $3.90

Cocktail Quiche*

Leek, gruyere cocktail quiche (V) $2.75

Tomato, feta, olive cocktail quiche (V) $2.75

Cocktail quiche lorraine $2.75

Cocktail Sausage Rolls*

Pork and fennel, stone fruit relish $3.40

Beef, tomato relish $3.20

Chicken and Tarragon $3.70

Vegan sausage roll (VE) $3.70

Spinach and feta roll (V) $3.20

Cocktail Pies*


Angus beef

Chicken, leek

Moroccan lamb

Lentil and vegetable (V)

Fork Food Items

Salt and pepper squid, rocket, lime aioli $8.50

Lightly battered flat head fillets, chips, lemon aioli $8.50

Green curry of vegetable, tofu, lemon grass, kaffir lime (DF, GF, V)^ $8.50

Slow braised Moroccan lamb tagine, figs, preserved lemon, aromatic cous cous $9.90

Beef stroganoff with buttered spirelli and cornichons $8.50

Please note all fork food items require a chef onsite.
Cost of chef and staff is additional.

*Item is suitable for delivery (does not require a chef onsite)
GFOA – Gluten Free Option Available
^ May contain traces of gluten

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