Breakfast, morning tea, & afternoon tea

Delicious Platters

Sweet Pastries and Muffins

$7.60/person (2 pieces per person) Minimum of 6 guests

A selection of freshly baked fruit Danish, baby fruit muffins, pain au chocolat (V)

Sweet Bites

$6.50/person (2 pieces per person) Minimum of 6 guests

A selection of cocktail sweet tarts including raspberry frangipane tart, apple frangipane tart, chocolate ganache tart, lemon curd tart, Middle Eastern orange cake (DF, GF)^, flourless chocolate cake (GF)^

Cheese & Fruit Platter

$155 (Serves 10)

Simmone’s hand picked selection of cheeses served with crackers, crisp breads, nuts, dried and fresh fruit. 70g per serve.

Fresh Fruit Platter

$110 (Serves 10)

A beautiful selection of freshly cut fruit from the market each day. (DF, GF, VE)^

Antipasto Platter

8-10 guests $110.00 / 12-15 guests $160.00

Cured meats, melon with prosciutto, cheeses, roasted vegetables, marinated olives, Caprese salad, dips, frittata and wood fired bread.

Cocktail Breakfast and Afternoon Tea


Please select 3 options:

Mini fresh fruit skewer (DF, GF, VE)^

Baby fruit muffins (V)

Mini chocolate croissant (V)

Mini fruit Danish (V)

Mini croissant, double smoked leg ham, gruyere cheese

Cocktail quiche (V)

Vanilla cupcake with butter cream icing (V)

Raspberry frangipane tart (V)

Chocolate dipped strawberries (GF, V)^

Apple frangipane tart (V)

Lemon curd tart (V)

Finger sandwiches

Protein balls (GF. VE)^

Croissant Breakfast

$14.50/person – 3 pieces (Minimum 10)

1 x Mini Croissant with Leg Ham & Gruyere Cheese

1 x House Baked Gluten Free Muesli Cup with Berries, Honey & Yoghurt (Individual Cup with Bamboo Fork) (V)

1 x Baby fruit muffins (V)

Bagel Morning Tea

$18.00/person – 4 pieces (Minimum 10)

1 x Mini Bagels with Assorted Fillings Including;

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Capers & Dill

Turkey, Cranberry & Brie

Ham, Cheese & Tomato

Herbed Ricotta, Roasted Red Pepper & Basil

1 x Assorted Mini Fruit Danish (V)

1 x Mini Chocolate Croissant (V)

1 x Mini Fresh Fruit Salad Cup (DF, VE, GF*)^

(Individual cup with bamboo fork)

Gluten Free Morning Tea

$13.50/per person – 3 pieces (Minimum 10)

1 x Leek, Pumpkin and Feta Frittata (V, GF*)^

1 x House Baked Gluten Free Muesli with Berries, Honey & Yoghurt (Individual Cup with Bamboo Fork) (V, GF*)^

1 x Baby Middle Eastern Orange Cake with Pistachios (DF, GF*)^

Healthy Brekkie

(Minimum order of 6)

Mini fresh fruit skewer $4.90 each (DF, GF, VE)^

House baked gluten free muesli with blueberries, maple and coconut yoghurt (DF, GF, VE)^ $6.90 per box

Breakfast muesli bar (GF, VE) $4.50 each

Homemade assorted protein balls (GF, VE) $3.00 each  (Minimum order of 6)

Assorted baby fruit muffins (V) $3.40 each

Assorted large fruit muffins (V) $4.40 each

Assorted mini fruit Danish (V) $3.20 each

Mini pain au chocolat (V) $4.00 each

Mini croissant with double smoked leg ham, gruyere cheese $5.50 each

Mini bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers – dill $6.00 each

Mini bagel with turkey, cranberry, brie $6.00 each

Leek, pumpkin and feta frittata (GF)^ $6.00 each

Bacon and egg frittata (GF)^ $6.00 each

Scrambled egg and bacon breakfast wrap $6.00 half

Scrambled egg, goats cheese and spinach wrap $6.00 half

Assorted Finger Sandwiches

$3.20 each (1/3 size)

Finger sandwich fillings include:

Prawn, dill mayonnaise, watercress

Poached chicken, toasted walnut, celery, basil mayonnaise

Rare roast beef, seeded mustard mayonnaise, semi dried tomato, rocket

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, currant, chive

Curried egg, mayonnaise, chive, watercress (V)

Herbed ricotta, roasted red pepper pesto, avocado, rocket (V)

High Tea

$19.50 /person (6 pieces per person)
Minimum notice of 48 hours required

Scones with Simmone’s strawberry jam and cream (V)

Elegant finger sandwiches (2/person)

Cocktail quiches (V)

Assorted petit fours (2/person)

^Although all care is taken, trace amounts of gluten may exist

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Simmone Logue is committed to ensuring the well being and safety of our customers.  We are temporarily suspending our catering and events services until the 31st April 2020 and will be actively monitoring the situation. 

At this time we will be focused on supplying our range of Simmone Logue pies, quiches and sausage rolls to the fresh deli section of your local Woolworths, Harris Farm and independent gourmet grocers.

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