My food memories...

From a family of cooks, I grew up in a country town in the Hunter Valley where my lifelong passion for good food began. As kids we were always up a tree picking fruit, fossicking for mushrooms in the fields or fishing for crayfish in the dam. I had a fascination for all things culinary and it must have come from my grannies.
Both my grannies were fabulous cooks. My nanna Logue was the cooking teacher at Muswellbrook High and she had the most incredible veggie garden. It was nanna Logue who taught me how to catch the crays with a bit of old meat in the end of a stocking.
My nanna Fairhurst (my mum's mum) was a terrific baker and ran the canteen at the local coalmine. She was always baking wonderful cakes and pies or stewing rhubarb from her house garden. These are my fondest memories and I still refer to recipes passed down from my family's wonderful cooks.

Beautiful, fresh, spontaneous food…

I began my cake business in 1990 in a little one bedroom flat. I used to walk up a steep hill to hand deliver my cakes to the local café owners. My first leap into the retail world was leasing an old butcher's shop in Balmain. The demand for my cakes, pies and puddings grew quickly and I expanded my range into other areas like ready-to-heat, home-style food and catering.
I call my food philosophy 'home meal therapy'. I cook delicious and wholesome food for busy people. Homemade, fresh and elegant food prepared with love and integrity. I cook from the market so my food is seasonal, fresh and spontaneous. I love to come into people's homes or cater at the venue of their choice, and bring joy and happiness through my food. It's simple really – I just love to cook!
Over 20 years have passed but my devotion to my business hasn't changed. I still have the same commitment to food and love for what I do.

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